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A New Dimension in Disaster Recovery and Continuity

Safety Net is an off-site PInnacle System to protect you from disaster or disabling outage.
The system provides a real time backup of the information on your PInnacle data server as well as access to PInnacle Soft Switch Technology, which is ready to handle your operators remotely 24 hours per day. It's a truly innovative form of continuity assurance, and a powerful competitive edge for you.

When Disaster Strikes:
In cases of disaster or outage, your telephone carrier can forward your DID numbers to our PInnacle Soft Switch. In minutes, your operators can log-in remotely and start processing calls with all of your current information. When the outage is over, we update your server and transfer calls back to your location.

All equipment is housed in our secure building, located 1/10 of a mile from the main Verizon facility in New Hampshire, a statistically disaster-free zone. Our building is supplied by underground telco and power; all our equipment is redundant and backed up by both battery and generator power. To update our server each time a PInnacle transaction takes place, we install Double-Take data replicating software on your server.

Preparing your People:
To make sure your operators are ready to work remotely, we provide software-based phone and log-in software, and help you install it on their home personal computers. If your region is prone to disasters, you may also wish to arrange with other PInnacle bureaus to provide additional remote operators.

Safety Net Includes:
  • Up to 24 remote operators
  • One management station log-in
  • Use of PInnacle Soft Switch technology
  • Use of servers, each equipped with Raid 5 storage
  • Up to 20 gigabytes storage
  • Up to 69 simultaneous voice paths
  • Fax, alpha, and email message delivery
  • Generic auto-announce when all operators are busy
  • Capture of all billing and statistics
Value to Your Clients:
Your clients will appreciate Safety Net just as much as you do. Knowing they are protected from untimely mishaps will provide peace of mind that they're in good hands. We'll even supply you with standard disaster recovery marketing materials to support this initiative.

You need a reliable Internet connection to transfer data in real time from your server to ours. To transfer your DID numbers, your telephone service must be with an approved VoIP carrier. You can select and pay for only active DID numbers, and place all DID numbers into one trunk group. If you cannot use an approved carrier for any reason, we work with you to find the best way to forward your DID numbers to our system.

The Safety Net fee structure includes a set-up fee, monthly fee, and disaster incident fee. The monthly fee and disaster incident fee are both based on your number of PInnacle stations. When you consider potential lost revenues from a long-term outage, Safety Net is not just affordable; it's essential! For the current fee structure, approved carriers and other information, please contact us at (800) 344-9944 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.