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The ideal solution for outbound telemarketing campaigns, combining powerful scripting capabilities, database management and campaign management tools with strict agent control and accountability.

Pro-Dial-2000 combines powerful scripting capabilities, database management, and campaign management tools to achieve effective outbound telemarketing results -- while maintaining strict agent control and accountability. The system provides complete and extensive scripting capabilities to control call flow and objection responses. Those capabilities include logical branching, pop-up lists, catalog and product management, automatic calculations, scripted up/cross sells and more. For more unstructured outbound campaign scripts, ProDial provides the agent with flexible control of screens, help desk, and data entry.

To maximize campaign resources, the system's efficient call ordering and list management capabilities include:

  • Up to 200 simultaneous agents per campaign
  • Programmable time-of-day dialing window
  • Optimized time zone adjustments
  • Automated recalls based on time, day, or date
  • Optional automated recall assignment to individual agents
  • Automated exclusion of restricted or corrupt contact records

Additional features include:

  • Ability to preview information prior to contact
  • Ability to dial from workstation or interface to high-speed predictive dialers
  • Integrated notepad for tracking contact history
  • Real-time reporting of campaign and individual agent progress and summary
  • 100% database compatibility with PI-2000 Inbound Call Processing system for integrated inbound/outbound campaigns