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PInnacle Freedom: We Host The Hardware, You Run Your Business

No Call Center Solution Gives You More Freedom
With PInnacle Freedom, you can benefit from the industry's best TAS platform with no equipment hassles or headaches. It's a fully-featured PInnacle system that we host and maintain for you. With little more than a headset and a PC, you use the software and equipment hosted in our secure New Hampshire headquarters.

Best in Class Software and Hardware
  • Based on PInnacle, the industry's most powerful TAS scripting and order taking program
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Integrates robust TAS messaging and dispatch software with the PInnacle Soft Switch
  • Military grade redundant hardware with superior reliability, flexibility, and capacity
  • System utilizes the CenturiSoft Voice Mail and includes voice logging, faxing, email, alpha paging and optional SMS messaging

What You DON'T Need When You Have Freedom

  • Servers
  • Phone lines
  • Generators
  • Air conditioned equipment room
  • In-house technician
  • Phone switch
  • Bank loans or a long term lease
We manage the equipment so you can focus on running your business.

Financial Freedom
  • Low capital investment ' save 90% of the initial cost of purchasing TAS equipment
  • No equipment upgrade and maintenance expenses
  • No long-term commitment
Remote Agent and Manager Capability
  • Operators, managers and administrators can take calls and access the system 24/7 from one office, multiple offices, or home
  • Remote managers can monitor, whisper coach, and barge into agent calls
  • Real time online management reports and displays

Built-in Disaster Recovery, Reliability & Security
  • Client data is stored on multiple redundant high performance servers, each with redundant hot swappable drives and power supplies
  • Data is password protected and only accessible by our highest-level support staff
  • Reliability is equal to or greater than that of traditional TAS systems

Flexibility to Expand as Needed
  • Easily adapts to seasonal changes, business fluctuations, or short-term campaigns on a moment's notice
  • Add operator or management positions as needed
  • Add ports for voice mail, fax, alpha, or talk paths as needed

What You Get
  • USB headset adaptors
  • PInnacle Soft Switch/VOIP hardware dedicated to your data and voice traffic
  • Dedicated application server
  • System printer
  • DID/DNIS programming of your numbers
  • Switch programming of your ACD skills-based routing and operator groups
  • Setup of alpha and fax ports
  • Training
  • Operator positions
  • Management positions
  • All equipment maintenance
  • 24 Hour technical support
  • Telco management
  • Software upgrades

Let Freedom Ring
PInnacle Freedom will improve your cash flow and overall profitability, enable you to meet customer needs more easily ' and give you more time to manage your business. To learn more, contact Professional Teledata at (800) 344-9944 x112 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..