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PInnacle Cloud SMS: Commercial Grade Text Messaging without Account Management

Contractors, taxi services, medical offices, and other service providers rely on Short Message Services (SMS), or text messaging, to communicate quickly with clients and with higher throughput. The PInnacle Cloud SMS solution is a commercial grade product, developed specifically for the high volume, high availability requirements demanded by our customers. Throughput and availability are achieved by maintaining direct connections to major wireless carriers. Our SMS solution is not subject to rate limits, monthly usage thresholds, or cell towers. Instead, you and your clients can easily and reliably exchange messages each month without worrying about service interruptions or rate limiting. This allows you to focus on growing your business, not managing your SMS provider.

Complete Mobility for All of Your Needs

Anywhere a cell phone can go, so can our cloud-based SMS solution. Clients depend on PInnacle Cloud SMS, our 100% software-based solution, to send and receive text messages. Our SMS solution delivers up to 160 characters in a single SMS for U.S. users and 136 for Canadian users. 

Fully Reliable & Redundancy

The PInnacle Cloud SMS solution can process millions of messages each month with proven reliability. One reason for this is its built-in Disaster Recovery, which provides users with the ability to send and receive SMS messages even during an unexpected event. Furthermore, our commercial grade SMS solution is a fully redundant system housed in a SAS 70 Type II Data Center, tested to ensure near 100% reliability and uptime.

Simple Implementation & Little IT Involvement

Setup for SMS clients is simple. There is no need for GSM or cellular modems, Web pages, or other potential hardware bottlenecks or failure points. Since SMS is included as a standard built-in feature in all cell phones, there is also no need to install an app in order to use PInnacle Cloud SMS.

Full Suite of Billing & Activity Reports

All of your SMS activity is tracked and monitored, and every text message sent through PInnacle provides status information about message delivery. Users can also retrieve both detailed and summary reports to use for client billing purposes.

Ability to Retail Reply Messages

When an SMS user replies to an outbound SMS message, a copy of the reply is automatically attached to the original message and stored within PInnacle. This feature is deal for businesses that require an audit trail.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Less hardware and 100% software means lower total costs of ownership. With PInnacle Cloud SMS, there are no modems to purchase and/or spares to stock. It is available now for a monthly fee (based on usage) and can be utilized throughout North America, including Canada.

SMS & Compliance

Not to be confused with Secure Messaging, SMS is not HIPAA/HITECH compliant. SMS, which uses your device's native pre-installed texting app, is dependent on the wireless provider to deliver the message, which is not encrypted. If you and/or your customer are looking to exchange sensitive information via encrypted text messaging, please consider our Secure Messaging application, which is HIPAA/HITECH compliant and a preferred communication solution among healthcare professionals.

To find out more about how the PInnacle Cloud SMS can benefit your organization, watch the PInnacle Cloud SMS Webinar on YouTube! To get started with PInnacle Cloud SMS, or for pricing information, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800.344.9944.