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Redefining call center technology with scripting, dispatching and military grade hardware in one powerful package.

It takes very sophisticated technology to make your business simple. Start with PI-2000, the industry's most powerful scripting and order taking program. Add robust TAS messaging and dispatch software. Integrate with eOn digital switch products. The result is PInnacle, the industry's first single-platform turnkey call center solution, sure to streamline your operation and maximize your productivity.

PI-2000, the scripting and messaging component of the PInnacle system, is running in hundreds of call centers throughout North America. With powerful, flexible scripting and order taking capabilities, PI-2000 is proven to increase agent performance and reduce training time. The logical scripting system, through unique visual prompting, guides the agent seamlessly through every call. This makes the operator's job much easier to learn and perform. Many customers asked us to bring this same kind of simplicity to their increasingly complex TAS functions. With PInnacle, we answer the call, applying our famous ease-of-use to highly complex message relay and dispatch functions, delivering peak performance for your business, and peak simplicity for your people.

So, what makes PInnacle different from other systems?

Soft Switch Reliability

The PInnacle Soft Switch provides customers with a highly redundant and resilient solution designed to successfully manage all facets of their organization. 

Advanced Scripting & Order Entry Capabilities

Developed specifically for commercial inbound services, PInnacle's comprehensive scripting capabilities include: branching, order entry, sales tax computation, credit card processing, and other complex applications.

Automated Dispatch & Dispatch Contact Locator (DCL)

Set conditions can automatically launch one or more faxes, emails, or repeat pages (alpha or digital) to on-call or other recipients. Dispatch Contact Locator (DCL) automatically informs the operator of the next required action based upon the recipient, contents of message, or other system variables.

Unlimited Custom Message Formats for Operator Viewing, Faxing, Emailing, and Alpha Paging

Each message format can be customized to optimize layout legibility and to include or omit desired information based upon: responses to scripted queries, the nature of calls, the time of day, the day of the week, the recipient, or any other system or message variable.

Ease of Use

The operator interface, combined with powerful scripting capabilities, is a tool for operators to take accurate, error-free messages for every call. Add in broad color coding, mnemonic keys, and flexible help screens, and training cycles are significantly reduced from months or weeks to days.

Customized Call Routing

Calls can be routed to any sequence of voicemail, IVR, internal extensions, outside lines, or remote offices based upon variable conditions such as: logged in operator skill levels, type of call, number of calls in queue, time-of-day, and many more.

Flexible, Unlimited On-Call Schedules and Message Access with Internet Capability

Apply multiple on-call tables per account with the ability to display information within the call script. Clients can optionally view and manage schedules and generate message related reports via the web.

Starter Accounts for Easy Account Cloning and Modification

PInnacle users have the ability to create a library of .starter accounts. to quickly convert, expand, and standardize existing accounts. Optional account conversion services are also available.

Event-Based Call and Transaction Accounting

A single SQL database is the source for all billing and accounting records assuring 100% consistent and supported detail on all billing transactions.

Unrivaled Support

Our dedicated and loyal support staff has over 100 years combined real TAS experience and over 50 years of call center order entry experience.