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Go ahead, turn off your lights. We got it.

Save Money While You Sleep
Can you imagine not having to worry about staffing the midnight shift ever again? What about saving $2,000 per month in direct operating costs? Imagine having a top notch TAS bureau at your service and available to professionally handle your midnight calls. Stop imagining! It’s possible with PInnacle Midnight Freedom!

The Concept
One of many challenges that a TAS bureau faces is in efficiently utilizing an overnight operator. When you add up all of the factors, an overnight operator can cost upwards of $20 per hour. Yet, they are underutilized 80%- 90% of the time during these shifts. The challenge presented by our TAS clients was to find a way to share resources during inefficient shifts; allowing one agent to service the calls for several bureaus, without sacrificing quality.

With PInnacle Midnight Freedom, the hosting TAS bureau can provide reliable quality midnight service to an outsourcing guest TAS at less than half of the cost.

Technically Speaking
The PInnacle Midnight Freedom program enables a single agent to effectively process calls from multiple independent TAS bureaus. When the agent signs on to a bureau, status information begins flowing between that bureau and the Midnight program. This enables the agent to tell at a glance if calls are waiting to be answered or if any pending dispatches require attention. Real-time visual cues are provided to make it easy for the agent to see which bureaus require attention. Most importantly, selecting a bureau is a “one click” operation, automatically connecting the agent’s headset to the selected node, and synchronizing the screen display to that same bureau.

The Impact

Estimated Cost Savings

Savings of $20 per hour
x 6 hours per day = $120/day
x 5 days per week = $600/week
x 52 weeks = $31,200/ year

This doesn’t include the additional savings of overhead costs to keep your office open 24 x 7!

The Ins & Outs
Professional Teledata has a select list of authorized midnight TAS bureaus. All authorized bureaus meet specific criteria for experience, performance and service level standards set forth in the agreement. Professional Teledata will supply each midnight bureau with proprietary hardware and software enabling them to handle calls from multiple bureaus in one or more integrated operator consoles. The outsourcing TAS bureau will negotiate an agreement with the midnight service bureau directly and the midnight bureau will be required to comply with any of the contractual terms.

Sleep easy!
PInnacle Midnight Freedom will improve overall profitability and best of all will help you take back your nights! To learn more, contact Professional Teledata at (800) 344-9944 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interested in increasing your bottom line by becoming an authorized Midnight Service Bureau? Contact us today at (800) 344-9944!