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Delivering information via fax, e-mail and alphanumeric paging -- in any combination.

FMDS-II is a multi-tasking, intelligent delivery system that integrates with your call center equipment and local area network. It delivers information -- such as messages, orders and surveys -- via any combination of fax, internet e-mail, or alphanumeric paging. It also enables you to build new profit centers into your business, like mass fax distribution and fax advertising

Fax Message Delivery: Basic FMDS-II operation involves forwarding Call Center messages to customers' fax machines. Messages are sent as they are received, or scheduled for delivery at specified times of the day. You can combine messages for related accounts into one fax, and even customize cover sheets with advertising messages.

Fax Broadcast: This enables you to send the same fax to a large number of recipients. You can easily customize cover sheets to address the fax to a specific individual, by exporting information on individuals, companies and fax numbers from virtually any commercial database system.

Alphanumeric Paging: Capabilities include Metered Paging that enables you to sell prepaid services to dispatch clients; Repeat Page that lets customers call in to retrieve missed pages; and Group Page that broadcasts one message to multiple pagers. You can even send backup fax and e-mail copies of every page.

Internet Gateway: Send messages and order data effortlessly to customers' e-mail addresses, either as the primary message delivery, or as a backup to fax or alpha paging.