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PInnacle: The industry's first turnkey call center solution, integrating the industry's most powerful scripting and order taking program with robust TAS messaging and dispatch software, advanced message delivery capabilities, and web-based exporting and reporting that is interfaced with military-grade hardware.

PInnacle with Startel Soft Switch: This solution combines the Professional Teledata PInnacle platform with the Startel Soft Switch to offer one solution that blends all media and manages queuing and routing, scripting and dispatching, and reporting. 

PInnacle Freedom: With PInnacle Freedom, you can benefit from the industry's best TAS platform with no equipment hassles or headaches. It's a fully-featured PInnacle system that we host and maintain for you. With little more than a headset and a PC, you use the software and equipment hosted in our secure New Hampshire headquarters.

Midnight Freedom: A way to share resources during inefficient shifts; allowing one agent to service the calls for several bureaus, without sacrificing quality. With PInnacle Midnight Freedom, the hosting TAS bureau can provide reliable quality midnight service to an outsourcing guest TAS at less than half of the cost.

Safety Net: The system provides access to a backup of the key information on you r PInnacle data server as well as access to a switch for call processing, which is ready to handle your agents remotely 24 hours a day. It’s a truly innovative form of continuity assurance, and a powerful competitive edge for you.

PInnacle Cloud SMS: Commercial grade text messaging solution developed specifically for the high volume, high availability requirements demanded by our customers.

PI-2000: The perfect tool for meeting the demands of order entry and inbound call processing, a multi-client, multi-application system operating on standard PCs and networks with existing telephone equipment.

TBS: The Total Billing Solution is packed with features that enable you to manage your call center more efficiently and profitably than ever.

ThePaymentPortal: Hosted, online, secure e-commerce site where your accounts can access statements, view invoices and traffic history and pay bills at their convenience. It is offered as an optional feature for TBS3 users.

FMDS: More than just a Fax Message Delivery System, it integrates with your call center equipment and LAN to deliver information through any combination of fax, Internet e-mail, or alphanumeric paging.